Privacy Policy for Integral Astrology Services

Let's face it, there are things that are said in astrological consultations that are of a private nature. And while matters of love, sex, finances, family relationships, friendships, and career might be obvious candidates for "things you'd rather not have discussed with others," the truth is that one can never be sure what might be a source of discomfort if it were shared.

That's why the Integral Astrology policy is never to share any information about what goes on in your consultation with anyone. Not even the most innocent detail (you prefer coffee to tea? That information is safe with me). Even the fact that you've had a consultation or made an inquiry about astrology services is secure information. If you refer clients to me, they will obviously know that you've had a consultation, but I won't share any of the content. Not even with your BFF or your spouse.

Any time I use information from a consultation in discussions with other astrologers, or in my lectures or writings, I redact any identifying information and change the story sufficiently to make identification impossible.

Integral Astrology consultations are energized by my optimistic Leo sun, and you'll feel the caring and nurturing of my Cancer moon. But rest assured, it's all kept under the wraps of my Scorpio ascendant.