Astrological advice

“Thank you for your wonderful reading and your patience while discussing it with me. Your reading was extremely, extremely enlightening and caused me to solidify things that I have realized for some time.” S. - Boston MA.

“Thank you for the reading. When I feel things are getting out of control, I take out the letter you sent me and read it, and I know that this is a stage I’m going through and it won’t last forever. It’s a big help to know that.” M. - Glen Oaks, NY.

“... now I am free to make my life the way I imagined it could be. Your reading was a big help to me, and I thank you for it!” E. - Fairfield, CT.

"Clarified and validated my life and relationship. Amazingly accurate and insightful." T. - Springfield, MA.

“First of all, I must say THANK YOU! You have NO idea how much your reading opened my eyes. You told me things that I always felt inside of me, but never had put into words. And it all makes so much sense today...”
M. - New York, NY.