Monthly Forecast for May 2015

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The first week in May features some rather tense energy that may have a feeling of restriction and caution. The full moon in Scorpio is on the
3rd, and this is usually a challenging lunation. Full moons tend to bring things to light, and Scorpio digs down into difficult territory. The result is often a few days when insight and irritability compete for our collective mood. With Mercury opposing Saturn on the same day, we may find that confrontations with authority figures (or our own internal sense of authority and structure) result in a sense of limitations. On the other hand, Mercury will be in his own sign of Gemini, so David may have a chance to beat Goliath this time around. The Scorpio moon may give us the determination to stand by our convictions, while a buoyant sun/Jupiter square on the 4th should provide the courage. We’re being tested, but with luck we may pass the test.

Venus enters Cancer on the
7th, beginning a month in the sign of the crab. In this rather conservative sign, the goddess of love favors tradition (hence June weddings?). Family picnics and school outings may be more in the spirit of the time than wild parties, but do your best to have fun.

On the
9th, Mercury squares Neptune. Words may get a little slippery with this aspect, so double check the facts and temper enthusiasm with a bit of suspicion. Because Mercury is stationing to retrograde in a little more than a week, we’ll actually have a series of three Mercury/Neptune aspects. If you dive in too quickly to a situation, it may be late June before you can extricate yourself.

You may feel like you’re driving with the parking brake on when Mars opposes Saturn on the
15th. The planet that says “Go!” stands opposed to the planet that urges us to stop. In the signs of Gemini (Mars) and Sagittarius, this is likely to be a verbal struggle – a war of beliefs – more than anything else, although watch out while driving for more physical manifestations.

The energy turns inward, and perhaps downward, as Mercury stations to retrograde on the new moon on the
18th. Mercury retrogrades may not mean greater prevalence of mishaps and snafus, but they tend to be more prominent, especially around the stations. It may be best to avoid signing contracts and buying new software and electronics for the next few weeks (until June 11th), although major catastrophes are unlikely.

Venus is very active at the end of the month, beginning with an opposition to Pluto on the
21st. Power struggles in relationships are a possibility, including jealousy and perhaps a reason for it. Yet although some partnerships will feel the strain, others will be able to go deeper and feel greater passion. Venus is in Cancer, where bonding is a strong need, so this may be a time to affirm or reaffirm commitments.

Yet just a few days later, on the
25th, Venus squares Uranus and independence becomes a priority. Freedom is likely to trump commitment, especially if that commitment is based on a sense of following rules and societal expectations. This is a time when we want to do what is right for us as individuals, and attachments may be seen as impediments. With Mars square to Neptune, we could be willing to go overboard, perhaps based on information that is incomplete, erroneous, or just plain wrong.

Mercury helps to befuddle us a bit more as he retrogrades past Mars and Neptune on the
27th and 29th, and the sun gets into the act with a square to Neptune on the 31st. Suffice it to say that our motivation to act is probably going to be very strong at the end of May, but it will be hard to obtain solid information, so take time to consider if you’re being realistic in your demands and expectations.

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