Monthly Forecast for December 2016

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The last month of the year begins on a constructive note, as Mars trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn and Uranus under a waxing moon on the
4th and 6th. Through the first quarter moon on the 7th, it’s a great time to focus on being productive. There’s a nice mix of personal assertiveness with the ability to keep the collective in perspective, so that while we push ourselves forward we’re unlikely to push others out of the way.

As the sun meets Saturn on December
10th, egos may be brought down to earth. This aspect keeps the tone serious, and it isn’t the best cosmic weather to ask for a favor from those in authority. Some of us will feel pressure to tow the party line, whether or not we’re really in agreement with it.

A more independent energy prevails two days later on the
12th, when the sun trines Uranus. It should be easier to stand up for yourself, and maybe even change accepted beliefs and assumptions. With the full moon in Gemini just a day away (the 13th), we’ll see the results of the first half of the month’s efforts and conflicts.

Mercury stations to retrograde on the
19th, backpedaling through the skies until January 8th. The usual Mercury retrograde miscommunications, technical snafus, and traffic snarls are to be expected. Perhaps Mercury is reminding us that this is a time to slow down and appreciate the end of the year with friends and family.

The winter solstice is on
December 21st at 5:43 a.m. EST. The sun has reached the nadir of his yearly cycle, spending most of his time below the horizon. Of course, it is just at the darkest time of year that the light begins to grow as the sun begins his northward trek towards summer.

Easy energies prevail on the
24th and 25th, as Venus makes merry with Jupiter and Saturn. Formalities and festivities coincide nicely, and graciousness hangs in the air. With Saturn in an easy trine to Uranus on the 24th, we may see some softening among political and social factions that have been bristling against each other.

Jupiter opposes Uranus on the
26th, an aspect that often manifests as technical innovations and progressive social policy. Uranus is especially powerful, as he is stationing to go direct on the 29th, so this aspect should have a lot of energy behind it. Even with Mercury retrograde, we may see the advent of new technology.

29th is also the day of the new moon. The usual quiet of this time of the month will be challenged by Uranus’ station, which generally lowers the threshold of frustration and creates an edgy, impatient vibe as well as brilliant insights and ‘Aha!’ experiences. With Mars meeting Neptune just a couple of hours after we ring in the New Year, we’re likely to find that 2017 starts with a jolt of energy.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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