Monthly Forecast for April 2014

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There is really no down time in April of 2014. We travel from one peak of energy to another without much of a break, although even a few hours of relative calm might be much appreciated this month.

There are many challenges in April. The Cardinal Cross, a wave of energy that echos the tumultuous energy of the 1930s and 1960s, is peaking this month, although it has been quite powerful since 2011 and will continue to influence us through at least 2016. It is difficult to recognize such deep change when we are in the midst of it, but this month there are a number of trigger aspects that should focus us on the important issues of the day.

Where challenges are waiting, opportunities are found. Although we can focus on the difficult aspects of this energy - and they are there - we may also find real chances for positive change. Remain as flexible as possible, and be willing to let go of assumptions.

We begin the month with the growing new moon. While spring officially began on March 20th, it is really after the Aries new moon that the astrological year begins, just as at sunrise you may have to wait for the sun to rise above hills (or buildings) before you can see it. The sun has moved into the new year, but our more earthbound, egoic perspective did not catch up until the new moon on
March 30th. The new moon gives us an energized, forward momentum.

The momentum will help to ignite sparks as the sun aspects Jupiter and Uranus on
April 1st and 2nd. The need for independence will be strong, and patience is likely to be at a low during this time. We each want to move forward, or whichever way, and keep bumping into each other. The collective consciousness will be a beehive of Brownian motion during these days. These aspects can strengthen our inner resolve, or overinflate our egos. A nice trine between Mercury and Saturn (in Water signs) on the 2nd can help us to express our feelings, which should be a help.

The sun meets up with Pluto on the
3rd, further pushing the edges of the envelope. Confrontations with or among power brokers are likely with this aspect. The free-form energy of the past few days meets some resistance, and there will probably clear winners and losers with this David and Goliath type aspect.

We probably won’t notice Venus’ move into Pisces on the
5th, but the Goddess of Love in the sign of the fish suggests greater openness and compassion, which can certainly be a help in stressful times.

Mercury leaps into Aries on the
7th, joining the celestial soiree. Our communication becomes more focused, faster, and more direct than in previous weeks. That energy will fuel the pace of change, and also may help us to process it.

The sun opposes Mars on the
8th. This is a very hot aspect, and one that can again lead to extremes of egotism. Yet there is an underlying harmony in this aspect that can help us to act in accordance with our true selves. The sun reminds Mars (who is retrograding in rule-oriented Libra) that sometimes we need to be direct.

Being direct could be a challenge on the
11th, as Venus meets with Neptune. Like a wartime romance, hope and illusions can spring up with this dreamy aspect. We could be willing to give all, and maybe too much, to a relationship, and we could idealize a partner. Yet this aspect can also help us to get in touch with the deeper meanings of our connections with others, placing some of the sharp energy of this month in a softer focus for a few days, at least where our loved ones are concerned.

As we approach mid-month, a cascade of celestial aspects follow upon each other. From the
14th to the 16th alone, Mercury aspects Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Mars, Pluto stations to retrograde, and there is a lunar eclipse on the Aries/Libra axis. Although we think of Mercury as a cerebral energy, we often see him involved in ‘trigger’ events that bring our attention to longer-moving aspects, like the Uranus-Pluto square. Full moons, and especially lunar eclipses, bring things to light and trigger events, and Pluto stations are times of tense implosion of power. These three days are thus a focal point for both personal and collective changes.

Venus makes nice aspects to Jupiter and Pluto on the
17th and 18th. While nowhere near as intense as the previous days’ energy, this period of time should help us to connect with loved ones and recognize interpersonal priorities, especially if it is your relationships that have been the focus of April’s energy. A Scorpio moon urges us to go deep in the process and not to accept surface answers.

Yet the hopeful energy of these days may not manifest, at least not everywhere, as the cardinal cross aspects the sun of the United States (using a July 4, 1776 chart). It is this configuration that places the U.S. at center stage of the cosmic hurricane.

The absolute peak of April’s intense energy is between the
20th and the 23rd, although of course everything unfolds in stages. Still, these three days carry the actual energy of the cardinal cross, as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Aries come into a rare alignment with each other. Keep an eye out for the middle and end of April. Whether obvious or not, this time will set the tone for the near future and beyond.

On April
25th, Venus trines Saturn. This is an opportunity to develop new relationships, or move existing partnerships to another level. It is also an opportunity to release attachments that are no longer serving our highest needs.

Both the sun and Mercury make easy aspects to Neptune over the next few days. The
25th through the 27th will be an opportunity to step back and get some perspective on recent events, yet the slippery Neptunian energy may mean that information is filtered through a lens of wishful thinking, or that we receive some dis-information.

A powerful solar eclipse on April
29th is yet another facet of April’s charged energy. This eclipse is in the sign of Taurus, suggesting that finances and issues around resources may predominate.

Mercury in easy aspects to Pluto and Jupiter on the
29th can help to alleviate stress, but there is also the potential for those in power to use this energy to consolidate their position.

This April’s cosmic storm pulls us in many directions simultaneously. Knowing what is actually happening is difficult in the midst of such tumultuous times, and we will need the perspective that time gives us to really understand what happens this month. Certainly, powerful and perhaps even shocking events are likely during this time period, but no matter how dramatic an event is, it is the reaction that it causes in us as individuals and collectively that really matters. A wonderful or horrendous day is only as significant as its effect on us the next day and into the future.

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