Monthly Forecast for November 2015

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During the autumn of 2015 the nodes of the moon are shifting from the Libra/Aries axis into Virgo/Pisces. The nodes of the moon often indicate a subdominant theme in our lives, things that has our attention and concerns at the individual and collective level. The nodes have been on the Libra/Aries axis for about 18 months, but with Uranus in Aries since 2011 and Saturn having passed through Libra from 2009 to 2012, we’ve been focused on these themes for some time. Libra/Aries asks us to consider what we need as individuals, and how we can harmonize our personal needs with those of relationship and also with the rules and mores of society.

As we shift towards the Virgo/Pisces axis, we begin to focus more on helping others, in our personal lives and in the world. We recognize suffering and inequality, and are motivated by compassion to try and alleviate these ills. With Neptune in Pisces since 2012, Chiron in the sign of the fish, and Jupiter in Virgo for the next year, we are already getting planetary support for the change. The last time the nodal axis was in Virgo/Pisces, around 2006-2007, topics like health care reform were on the top of our agenda. We’re likely to see that issue re-emerge this time around, along with a focus on our food supply, and the environment. Movement towards a more restrained and sustainable lifestyle is a key part of this nodal shift.

The changes won’t take place overnight, and we’ll continue to seesaw between these (and other) focus points. Uranus is still in Aries, and Pluto isn’t leaving Capricorn anytime soon, so the charged energy of their square is still strongly active. You can best feel the nodal shift when you step back and look at your life and the events that get our collective attention – how are our concerns and approach to them changing?


We begin with a meeting of Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the god of war, on the
2nd. This is typically a passionate combination, although in the purity-oriented sign of Virgo we may find that the vibe is a bit less fiery than usual. Still, there’s no reason you can’t have a romantic dinner of braised organic vegetables over quinoa, so enjoy yourself.

A day later, on the
3rd, Jupiter opposes Chiron at the last quarter moon, asking us to consider what we can do to heal wounds in our personal and collective lives. Jupiter spends most of the next week at the southern bending of Venus' orbit - perhaps stirring up some of the more sensual and impulsive sides of romance, and also bringing some of our more excessive material passions to light. Look to the markets and your bank account for clues.

Venus enters her second home, Libra, on the
8th. For the next month, social activities tend to take on a more formal feel, as Venus in Libra lends grace and form. It’s also a very good time to get valuables assessed and to make business agreements.

The new moon on November
11th is in the sign of Scorpio. Use the days around the new moon to reflect on what you need, emotionally and financially. You may also consider issues of power and control – who has it, and how are they using it? The next few days feature easy aspects that should make for a productive and relatively stable start to the lunar month.

Mars enters Libra on the
12th, beginning a two-month stay in the sign of the scales. Mars is more restrained than usual in Libra, more apt to dash off a terse memo than resort to fisticuffs. On the other hand, those in power may use diplomacy as a means of manipulation, and any of us could wind up acting a bit passive-aggressive.

Fog rolls in on the
18th, as Neptune stations to go direct after retrograding since June. On Neptune stations, things can seem much better or worse than they are. Escaping into fantasy is one option, but some fantasies can take a dark turn. Experience whatever comes up in the days around the 18th, but keep in mind that reality may or may not be part of the picture.

Hopefully, the fog will have begun to clear by the
20th, when Venus squares Pluto. Relationships that have been under stress may find this time a struggle, but this is also an opportunity for reaching greater depth. Tensions may not release until the 23rd, when Venus opposes Uranus, and relationships have to answer to our needs for freedom and independence (and vice-versa).

25th through the 29th features some of the most intense – and yet ambiguous – energy of the year, as Saturn squares Neptune. Saturn/Neptune aspects hold the potential for bringing our dreams down to earth and making them real, yet they can also dissipate the structures of our lives. This is an aspect that is most likely to play out at the collective level, where belief systems may clash and political polemics may reach an extreme. In the midst of fiery rhetoric, it may be worthwhile to do some fact-checking.

With Mercury and the sun also squaring Neptune – and at the full moon, no less – we’ll be experiencing this energy for almost a week. In our personal lives, we may find that this isn’t the best time to make decisions, as things may seem to be more or less than they really are. As the sun meets Saturn on the
29th, it may be time to decide what’s solid and what isn’t.

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