Monthly Forecast for November 2014

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The first week of November offers us the opportunity to integrate the changes of the past month. October had a great deal of charged cosmic energy, and we can ground it out as we move deeper into the autumn. The full moon in the sign of Taurus on the
6th is a point of reflection, from which we can look back over the past six weeks. This moon comes like a flash of light that allows us to see where we are, but in a moment we are back into the action.

From the
9th through the 12th, there is a series of intense aspects that will place stress on relationships and other areas of life. Mars will aspect both Pluto and Uranus, a fiery combination that suggests it will be very difficult to contain emotions. Action is called for when Mars is involved, and in aspect to these two planets anger is likely to be a motivating factor. Meanwhile, Venus—the goddess of love—makes two very different aspects, to Jupiter and Saturn. Optimism about partnership and finance could be replaced by a more sober assessment of the situation. In the second week of the month we are likely to feel determined to make changes, although it may be some time before we fully understand the consequences of our actions.

Neptune stations to turn direct on the
16th. For a few days before and after, pay close attention to your dreams and intuition. It’s a great time to meditate, fantasize, and get in touch with other realities. It probably isn’t the best time to make practical decisions, and even our intuitive insights might need some revision as time progresses. The sun meets Saturn in Scorpio on the 18th, which could be the day we assess the ideas that have emerged over the past week.

On the
20th, Venus squares Neptune, an aspect that can cast relationships in a soft focus. We can see a bit too much in a partner (or potential partner), and may idealize a personal connection. A few folks may experience the opposite, feeling that their partners are demons rather than heroes. The important thing is to note your perceptions but understand that they are just that—your perceptions: the reality may be more, less, or just different than you are perceiving.

The new moon on the
22nd coincides closely with the sun’s move into Sagittarius. Set intentions around big-picture issues and travel for the coming year, as well as the coming holiday season.

A trine between Venus and Uranus on the
26th suggests that we can try something new in our partnerships, and may be inclined to experiment financially as well. With the sun in a tense square to Neptune just a day later, it’s probably a good idea to keep things at the level of play. Between the Neptune station in the middle of November and the first week of December our judgment for practical matters may be a little off kilter. There’s nothing wrong with moving wherever the experience takes you, but a major emotional or financial investment may prove to yield less than expected.

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