Monthly Forecast for July 2014

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Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, ends three weeks of retrograde motion on
July 1st. Although we can expect that things will ease up in terms of communication and electronics, expect an escalation of Mercurial mishaps for the first few days of the month. That’s especially true with the moon opposing Neptune on the 2nd.

On the
4th of July, the sun opposes Pluto, an intense aspect that could mean some fireworks in our personal interactions. Amidst the holiday fun, there could be an air of tension that is not expressed directly, at least not at first. On the collective level, this particular birthday for the United States may be underscored by the deep tensions that divide us as much as the shared ideals that unite. Although this aspect is exact early on the 4th, look for its energy to be building several days beforehand.

Experimentation is encouraged by Uranian aspects on the
7th and 8th. The planet associated with individuality, rebellion, and revolution makes a harmonious sextile with Venus on the 7th, suggesting that we play with our sense of romance and aesthetics. With the Goddess of Love already in playful Gemini, an easy, flirty energy prevails that should be helpful to lighten the mood of any social occasion and allow a great deal of latitude to break the rules.

The next day, the
8th, however, when the sun in conservative Cancer not only makes a tense square to Uranus but also trines Saturn in Scorpio, it will probably be time to take the lampshade of your head and straighten your tie.

The July full moon falls on the
12th, in the sign of Capricorn. More conservative energy flows our way, as we examine our institutions and traditions. Although we may also be inclined to question authority, we do so not from the perspective of rebellion but to see if the structures we have put in place are truly meeting the needs they are meant to serve.

Venus and Mars make a lovely trine from Gemini to Libra on the
13th, a fun and potentially passionate aspect that flies in the face of the more conservative tone that prevails midmonth. This cosmic pairing should help to make the weekend fun, propelling the full moon energy into more playful dimensions on Saturday night.

The traditional tone continues, however, with both Mercury and Venus moving into Cancer, on the
13th and 18th, respectively. Mercury will be revisiting issues from late May and early June, before his retrograde, and we may see some problems from that time re-emerging and resolving. Venus in the sign of Cancer is more focused on home and family than on going out and partying, and family picnics may be favored over more boisterous activities.

Jupiter changes signs on July
16th, moving into Leo for a yearlong stay. Jupiter enjoys Leo, which can help him (and us) to express his regal energies more directly. Jupiter in this sign is progressive, giving, and dramatic. Jupiter in Leo tends to favor the more regal side of leaders, potentially making administrators into kings. A bit of arrogance and egotism are the possible downsides of this otherwise upbeat placement.

The energetic highlight of the month is no doubt the
19th through the 22nd.

First, the sun squares Mars on the
19th, pushing us into action. Having some direction is key with this aspect, as free-floating energy can be problematic. Watch for irritability and anger flare-ups, especially with frustration already mounting for Saturn’s station to move direct on the 20th. Saturn stations have a heavy, slow, and sometimes depressing energy, as we feel that nothing is moving fast enough for us.

With Saturn’s station sandwiched between the high-energy sun/Mars aspect on the
19th and an impatient Uranus station on the 21st, we are truly in a position where we are jamming on the accelerator with the parking brake on. It’s a difficult energy to keep in balance, and it helps to have some way to constructively let off steam. Sensible exercise or a quiet retreat could both be good ideas.

With Mercury opposing Pluto on the
22nd, we could be tempted to say what’s on our minds. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that the previous few days might have us in a mood that doesn’t necessarily reflect our true (or usual) feelings. Extremes of anger and resentment are real, but they aren’t necessarily more real than the other feelings we have for the people in our lives. It may be better to note what you’d like to say at this time, but wait a bit before actually opening your mouth.

Also on the
22nd, the sun moves into his home sign of Leo, and meets up with his houseguest Jupiter on the 24th. In the midst of the otherwise challenging energies, this configuration should help us to feel confidence in the future, although it could also tip us towards excesses of egotism.

Mercury will square Uranus and trine Saturn on the
24th. Brilliant ideas and sudden insights may occur, and the aspect to Saturn can help us to constructively express some of the feelings we’ve been dealing with over the past week.

Mars shifts into Scorpio on the
25th after an extended stay in Libra. Mars in Scorpio is protective and potentially reactive, and a defensive mood sometimes prevails with Mars in his second home.

The new moon in Leo is on the
26th, the same day that Venus opposes Pluto. Relationship issues are likely to be prominent at this time, as we consider our personal needs in light of the demands and benefits of partnership. Are we getting all we need from our relationships? Should we look for something better? Go it alone? These questions are likely to be prominent around this time. The new moon energy is internal, so we may be more likely to meditate on the possibilities than act, although the tensions of the past week may have already pushed us into action.

As the month ends, we feel the impact of a Venus/Uranus square just after midnight on
August 1st (but noticeable a few days before). This aspect continues the conflict between relationship expectations and a strong desire for individuality and freedom. While the Pluto aspect may make us seethe with anger, it is the Uranian energy that is most likely to affect a change. On the up side, this is a great energy to experiment and try something (or someone) new in the area of partnership.

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