Monthly Forecast for October 2014

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If late September featured an intense pull of energy inward, a contraction or inhalation, October expresses the energy outward in an expansion or exhalation. First, however, Mercury stations to retrograde on the
4th. While the usual Mercury retrograde guidelines are worth following—especially as they relate to purchasing electronics and cars—this is certainly no time to stand on the sidelines.

That will be evident enough right around the
4th, as the sun squares Pluto, making the power and control issues from the new moon all the more obvious. Over the next two days, Mars and the sun go on to connect with impulsive Uranus in Aries, suggesting actions may speak louder than words (especially if Mercury is blurring the lines of verbal communication). Mercury will be walking backwards in the sky through a region known as the via combusta, or burnt path, knitting together the energies of the September and October new moons before turning direct on October 25th.

The Aries full moon on
October 8th is also a lunar eclipse. With the moon so close to Uranus at this eclipse, we can expect that the full moon lunacy will be extra intense. This is a time when we are likely to express our inner needs with forcefulness, and to push back on the social constraints that we feel are limiting. Keep in mind that patience is likely to be a rare commodity, as we all decide simultaneously that it’s time to express our inner needs. With Venus in a tense square to Pluto just hours after the eclipse, this could be a crucial make-or-break time for partnerships of all kinds.

Relationship is also likely to be the focus around the
11th through the 14th, as Venus aligns with Uranus and Jupiter. The heavy energy of the past few days clears away amidst a need for freedom and fun in our personal connections with others. The past few weeks have taught us where the issues are, and what we want in our love lives, and this energy helps us to act. We may be a little less considerate of the other person’s feelings, but we also recognize that we can’t live our lives on the expectations of someone else.

We get a bit of time to consolidate our feelings and thoughts as the inner planets, Mars, and Jupiter all make flowing aspects to each other over the next week. Having come through some challenging times, we’re ready to build—or rebuild—for the future. Take the week
between the 14th and the 22nd as a time to get things in order, do some repair work, and share your experiences.

Once again the mood shifts dramatically, this time as we approach the solar eclipse on
October 23rd. This eclipse occurs just hours after the sun and Venus wade into the dark waters of Scorpio. Solar eclipses are powerful new moons, time to set intentions, but also points where we may be reoriented in ways we had not considered. In many ways, this eclipse mirrors the energetic tone of September’s Pluto station at the last new moon, offering a kind of slow-motion replay. Or perhaps it is part of an ongoing saga, the beginning of a new chapter in an old story. However it plays out, it is a potent energy for transformation, and it is directed at relationship.

The sun and Venus meet on the
25th, suggesting that we may be able to get our partnerships on track with the rest of our lives.

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