Monthly Forecast for April 2017

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This year’s April showers may be thunderstorms. This month is about power and control issues. The retrograde planets will be digging in to hold on, while hot aspects in the sky demand movement. There’s potential for implosions and explosions throughout the month on the personal and collective levels. By all means, assert yourself, but pick your battles carefully.

Pluto makes an easy aspect to Ceres, the Earth Mother planetoid, on the
2nd, just a day after Earth Day. We may see an increase in awareness about environmental issues, health care, and our food and water. With Pluto in Capricorn ‘helping’ Ceres, there could be some significant strings attached.

Egos may experience some significant ups and downs - or maybe it’s downs and ups - around the end of the first week in April, as Saturn stations on the
6th and the Sun opposes Jupiter in the 7th and squares Pluto on the 8th.

Saturn stations tend to have a serious, somewhat heavy feel to them. Responsibilities often multiply, while the energy to address them is diminished. The waxing moon, just past the first quarter, should help us to maintain our energy levels, but get adequate rest and take care of yourself - Saturn stations often correlate with minor colds and other bugs going around.

On the flip side, the Sun/Jupiter opposition tends to (over)inflate egos. More positively, this aspect can also infuse a sense of optimism and faith in the future that helps us to move forward. The Sun in Aries wants its way, but Jupiter in Libra argues that we should take the other’s perspective into consideration. The dialogue may be between partners in a relationship or a business, or it could be internal.

Sun/Pluto suggests power struggles, with the Sun being open and above-board but Pluto operating beneath the surface. Read between the lines, check motivations in yourself and others, and recognize that despite appearances of cooperation it’s very likely that someone is out to win.

As retrograde Venus squares Saturn on the
8th, we might feel it’s time to make a decision in relationships or finances. The Saturn station has painted our realities in stark shades, and we’ve had a chance to balance the needs of self and other. Saturn stands waiting for our decisions...

But wait a bit. Although this may seem like a defining moment, there are reasons to hold off on a final decision. For one thing, Venus is retrograde, and decisions may need to be revised. It may be when Venus goes direct and meets Saturn at the end of April that the final decision is actually made. In fact, many of us will recognize that we’re actually revisiting issues that were on the table in late January - when we also thought we were making a definitive judgement.

Another indication that we may want to wait is
Mercury’s station to retrograde on the 9th. The time around a station typically represents a peak in Mercurial mishaps, so despite our drive to find answers and be in control, we could be operating on faulty data. It’s likely that some of us will be ready to scale the walls and fight the good fight, but will either fail to get necessary information or interpret it incorrectly. Mercury goes direct on May 3rd.

The full moon in Libra on the
11th highlights relationship, perhaps illuminating what we’ve learned during Venus’ retrograde, which ends in four days. Full moons are always active times, but typically they represent reaction as much as action. This full moon, as we try to maintain equilibrium (see the Libra in that word?), it may be that we see the results of the impulsive actions we’ve made over the past two weeks. There could be some reckoning, but also reconciliation.

Yet the month’s activity is far from over, and power plays continue to dominate as Pluto stations to retrograde on the
20th. Pluto stations typically have a strongly implosive energy, and represent a time when we struggle within as much as with others. Who or what is really in control? That’s often the question that we ask, and with Mercury retrograde it could be that the answer seems elusive.

The new moon in Taurus on the
26th would normally be a time of quiet enjoyment and repose, but this month we’ll probably be feeling somewhat jangled after the recent cosmic weather. The energy picks up very fast after this new moon, too, with the moon going into Gemini as Mercury again meets Uranus (we may need to revise some of the insights we had in late March.

The challenge for us this month is to maintain perspective and composure in the midst of a fast-spinning kaleidoscope of celestial energies that threaten to throw us off balance. Stay in touch with your core (cor = heart) purpose, and remain true to the larger picture. Resist the urge to react - let the retrograde planets do their job of slowing you down so that you can think clearly and feel openly.

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