Monthly Forecast for February 2017

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February is a short month, but it’s feisty and fiery this year. Mars and Venus both stride through the sign of Aries, where we energetically push forward with the determination of the ram. Venus is also very powerful as she slows down to prepare for her retrograde on
March 4th, so we’ll begin to focus more on relationships.

Venus moves into Aries on the
3rd, at the active first quarter moon in Taurus. It should make for a fun Friday evening! Venus in Aries is active, outgoing, and sexual. The only caveat is that she's slowing down for her retrograde, so we may find that February isn't as feisty as it might otherwise be.

There’s more excitement in store for us this month, though. Jupiter stations to retrograde in Libra on the
6th, and he stations exactly square to Vesta in Cancer. Jupiter’s stations are generally times when we feel upbeat and optimistic, yet manners and diplomacy may conflict with security needs. In relationships, this may be a time when our urge to be outgoing and social is somehow restrained by subtle fears.

Such concerns may be forgotten by the
10th. The Leo full moon is always the ‘Party Moon’ of the year, and this year it falls on a Friday evening – it may be time to celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit early. This is an extra-powerful full moon, because it’s also a lunar eclipse.

As we delve deeper into the month, tensions mount as Mars squares Pluto on the
22nd. The warrior energy of Mars conflicts with power broker Pluto, and he may seethe about his marching orders. Tensions could erupt on the 26th and 27th, as Mars opposes Jupiter (“Enough diplomacy!”) and meets Uranus.

The last week of the month may have some considerable stresses that erupt on various levels. With the Sun meeting Neptune on
March 1st, it’s quite possible that we’ll have an exaggerated response to the challenges that come our way. This is an excellent time to push your agenda and work towards your goals, provided you know what you really want. Free-floating energy is likely to be problematic, and it could help to work off excess energy with some sensible exercise. If you feel you ‘have to do something’, try to be mindful and compassionate.

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