Monthly Forecast for February 2016

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The second month of 2016 starts off with tense aspects to goddess asteroids. Pluto squares Vesta while the sun squares Juno on the
1st and 2nd. Look for a prominent female to challenge power structures on the collective level. More personally, we may find that the drive for intimacy with our partners (Juno in Scorpio) is challenged by social obligations.

Intimacy probably wins out, as Venus goes on to meet Pluto in Capricorn on the
5th. This aspect pulls us towards deeper connection, but the process of getting closer also opens up our vulnerabilities. The more we reveal of ourselves, the greater the potential to evaluate whether our partners are sharing equally.

Venus/Pluto makes everything more intense in relationship, and potentials and challenges both surface. As Venus squares Uranus in Aries a day later, on the
6th, we may decide it’s time to exit a situation that doesn’t meet our expectations. Yet this aspect also opens up the possibility of making needed changes to relationships and exploring new horizons. Constructive Venusian aspects to Mars and Jupiter over then next few days will help us to move forward no matter what we decide.

The new moon in Aquarius on the
8th could signal endings, but also beginnings. It’s a good time to look towards your goals and aspirations for the coming year. Yes, it’s a bit far into 2016 and the second new moon of the year, but the entire time between the Capricorn Solstice in December and the Spring Equinox in March is a process of sorting through the past and looking towards the future.

The full moon on the
22nd is in the sign of Virgo, once again highlighting the Virgo/Pisces themes that are so prominent at this time. This moon asks us to consider where we have succeeded in accomplishing something of value to the world, and what we can do to help in the future.

The sun meets Neptune on the
28th, an aspect that can make people and things look very good, or very bad. Remember that the demons, dragons, knights, and princesses we encounter are really just people playing the role we have assigned them in our personal drama (or comedy). That’s not to say they aren’t into the part and acting it with gusto – after all they have accepted the projections we shine upon them. But most folks that have a part in our lives are not only teaching us something important, most are surprisingly similar to us. Enjoy the show, but duck out to the lobby for a while if it gets to be too much.

Our partners may be key players in our melodramas, as Venus squares Juno and sextiles Saturn on the
29th. If we can get our priorities sorted out, we have the opportunity to build in our relationships. Yet if we cling too tightly to images and roles, we could find that we choke spontaneity in favor of certainty – only to find that the security we seek is actually elusive.

February represents a (relatively) calm month, astrologically, although I'm sure plenty will be going on here on the ground. As we head towards a very fiery March, expect things to pic up, especially after the full moon on the

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