Monthly Forecast for May 2016

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May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde. With Venus newly arrived in her home sign of Taurus, it may be time to kick back and enjoy the spring weather during the first week of the month. We might feel a bit guilty about not pushing to go forward, but this is a period of relative relaxation. In fact, with many planets retrograde this month, we may feel that things move forward less quickly than we'd like, or expect at this time of year.

The vibe changes significantly around the
9th, when Jupiter stations to move direct. With an easy trine to Venus in the offing, we can feel hope for the future and an expanded sense of possibilities in the areas of relationship, creativity, and even finances. Given that many planets - including Mercury and Mars - are still retrograde, progress may not match expectations, but at least we'll feel inspired.

Mercury and Venus both make easy aspects to Pluto on the
12th and 13th, suggesting that we can have (or revisit) a serious conversation. It’s an opportunity to express yourself with relative ease, and to share your feelings as well as your ideas.

The time around the full moon on
May 21st will be especially charged. This moon directly connected to retrograde Mars, who is very powerful despite his backward motion in the skies. Additionally, Mercury stations to go direct a day later, on the 22nd, and the times around Mercury stations are often fraught with confusion and even mayhem. Expect polarized opinions on the social and political fronts – a theme this spring – and a willingness to act on beliefs whether or not facts support them. On a personal level, we may find that things are also reaching a kind of peak, and any issues that have been left unresolved are acted upon.

That energy may or may not involve our relationships, but as Venus opposes Mars on the
24th, we’re likely to bring our personal lives to the forefront of our consciousness. Conflicts that have been simmering with our partners can be especially tense during the third week of May.

A square between Jupiter and Saturn on the
26th has a less personal feel to it, but will reverberate strongly in the collective consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius may pull us towards adhering to party lines, sticking with what we believe to be true – even as Saturn subtly gets us to question those beliefs. Jupiter in Virgo tosses facts at our Sagittarian opinions, perhaps further leading us to question our beliefs.

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