Monthly Forecast for April 2015

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Although less intense than March, this year’s April showers may resemble more of a hail storm than a gentle rain...

A lunar eclipse on the
4th closely aspects the Uranus/Pluto square. While the solar eclipse of two weeks ago was an implosion of energy, this eclipse is far more obvious in its manifestations. Whatever was brewing in March becomes known around this eclipse, which is a powerful full moon. Reactions to events that took place in March are likely to be seen around this time, so expect the next chapter in an ongoing story. Look for this eclipse's intense feel to extend forward as the sun aspects Pluto on the 5th and meets with Uranus on the 6th.

A bit of optimism enters the picture around the
8th, when Jupiter stations to go direct in Leo. While egos may get a little pumped up as Jupiter stations, they also tend to infuse us with the faith and courage we need to face the future. Take a deep breath and begin your journey. Mercury aspects Uranus and Pluto on this day, keeping the eclipse energy going and providing more "triggers" that make it more obvious what issues need to be dealt with now.

Venus leaves her home sign of Taurus and enters Gemini on the
11th. This encourages a chatty, friendly, and somewhat flirty energy in our social interactions and romance, although...

Venus opposes Saturn on the
15th. In the shadow of Pluto's impending station, this is likely to be an intense energy. Relationships may reach a make-or-break point, and are sure to seem quite serious. In the United States, this is the day that taxes returns are due, and a very heavy energy may prevail over those usually-glum proceedings. Elsewhere, questions of financial viability and valuations are likely to be prominent.

Pluto stations to retrograde on the
16th. Pluto stations feel very different from Jupiter’s, and irritability may be very high around this time. Pluto stations ask us to consider who has the power and how they are using it – and if the answer isn’t you, there could be issues. With the new moon only two days away, this Pluto station will draw the energy inward. Consider what is really important to you, what your soul is telling you to do, and ask if you can commit to it.

Mars squares Jupiter on the
17th. This energy wants to get us moving, although the waning moon may turn the motivation inward rather than encouraging us to express it outwardly. Motivation is strong, but irritation isn't unlikely.

After the new moon in Aries on the
18th, it will be time to move forward. Although the official start of the astrological New Year is the spring equinox, it is at the Aries new moon that the solar and lunar cycles line up and we can really feel the wind in our sails.

As the month ends, relative harmony prevails, with easy aspects from the
22nd through the beginning of May. It isn’t likely that things will be especially quiet, but we can work constructively to fulfill the potentials that the past two months have brought us. Some recuperation may be necessary, so some downtime may be a good idea, but in general we’ll be feeling that it’s time to once again get going.

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