Monthly Forecast for December 2014

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The month starts off in a fog, as Mercury squares Neptune late on on the
November 30th - an aspect that will spill over into the first day of December. Consider this like a one-day Mercury retrograde, although in fact communication snafus and related problems are probably going to be more intense than during a retrograde from November 29th through December 2nd. While overt deception isn’t necessarily part of the picture, we could find ourselves distorting the facts to fit our intentions without really realizing we are doing so. Again, it’s a great time to meditate, dream, and explore alternative realities, but be careful about signing on the dotted line.

Venus trines Jupiter on the
4th, a nice aspect that’s great for romance or holiday celebrations. With the sun in an easy relationship to revolutionary Uranus, there should be a combination of fun with an easy-going social vibe during this part of the month. That vibe should extend all the way past the full moon in Gemini on the 6th, which will support the party atmosphere.

Before you put away the party favors, Jupiter will station to retrograde on the
8th. Jupiter stations tend to fuel us with an optimistic, buoyant feeling. It’s an opportunity to feel good about things, particularly our accomplishments over the past year.

I’m not saying that the party is over with Venus’ move into Capricorn on the
10th, but the goddess of love puts on her business suit for the company holiday party. More formal gatherings are favored with Venus in the sign of Capricorn, where she’ll remain through early January.

It’s in mid-December that things really begin to get moving. While the year winds down, the skies heat up. Uranus squares Pluto on the
15th, in the sixth of a series of seven aspects between these two powerful outer planets that stretches from 2012 through 2015. This aspect is the background for everything else that is occurring in these years, a celestial tsunami that is slowly but steadily transforming many things at a very deep level. We may or may not see obvious manifestations of this aspect on the 15th, but both our personal and collective lives will be experiencing the changes.

If relationship is an area of stress, then it may be on the
20th, when Venus squares Uranus and meets Pluto, that the power of the Uranus/Pluto square manifests in your personal life. While a strong relationship can thrive on the changes implied by this aspect, it could be very tense for partnerships that are less grounded. There could be surprises in store, or it may be that the last straw finally sends the camel to the chiropractor. Try something new in your partnership, experimenting with changing expectations, have that deep conversation, or at least give each other some space.

Within a span of three hours on December
21st, we have three major astrological events. First, the planet Uranus stations to move direct. The planet associated with revolutionary changes has been backpedaling in the skies since July, and his move forward indicates a greater willingness for change. Uranus stations are typically intense, with most of us feeling a strong desire to do our own thing. Since any limitation on absolute freedom can be seen as a frustration, irritability can be high in the surrounding days.

Uranus stations only 18 minutes before the winter solstice, the point when the sun is lowest in the southern sky. The winter solstice marks the sun’s ingress into Capricorn, and it is one of the cardinal points associated with major changes on the collective level. With powerful Uranus station coinciding with this solstice, we can expect the coming six months to be filled with unexpected changes – on both the world stage and in our personal lives. Before the sun has time to move, we have a new moon at 8:38 p.m. EST. New moons are times of beginnings, the start of a new cycle and the end of an old one. The cosmos is sending us a clear message with this triple play: it is time to let go of the old and move towards the new.

These celestial events take place in the foreground, while Saturn moves through the last degrees of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the
23rd. At the end of Scorpio, Saturn will be reminding us of who and what has died in the past two and a half years, and the bill may come due for power brokers of all kinds.

As the month ends, it’s time for the Cosmic Messenger, Mercury, to get into the game with aspects to Uranus and Pluto on the
24th and 25th. Mercury is often the trigger for events that have been building for some time, so expect a very lively holiday season. With Warrior Mars aspecting the nodes of the moon at the same time, we could be pulled towards relationship - while also asserting our need for independence.

Wishing you the best in 2015!

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