Monthly Forecast for March 2018

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The month begins with a full moon on the
1st, in the sign of Virgo. As with any full moon, there’s a bit of emotional charge and heightened reactivity, although Virgo will have us trying to make something productive out of the high voltage energy. This full moon is very closely opposite Neptune, so there may be a tendency to make mountains out of molehills or perhaps to miss the forest for the trees. Keep in mind that you may not have a realistic sense of proportions.

Actually, that could be the problem for the next week, as the Sun meets Neptune on the
4th and Jupiter stations to retrograde on the 8th. None of the above suggests an entirely realistic perspective for practical matters, although it could be a great time to gain insights via meditation and alternative realities.

Realism is likely to return at mid-month, as Mercury and Venus take turns squaring Saturn on the
11th and 13th. Serious discussions and serious decisions will be in the mix for some of us. It could be time to assert your independence and state your personal truth (Mercury and Venus are both in Aries), or to hear what others have to say. An easy Sun/Jupiter trine on the 13th will help to keep us optimistic if the going gets too heavy.

The new moon in Pisces on the
17th is closely conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Set your intentions around your own need for healing on the emotional and physical levels. Use the time before the new moon to clear out old patterns so that you can start fresh at the Aries ingress in a few days.

The Sun enters Aries for the spring equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) on
March 20th at 11:15a EST. Day and night are evenly balanced now, although with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus joining Uranus in Aries, not much else may feel in balance. Still, it’s the start of the astrological New Year (although we might really feel it after the new moon on April 15th), and generally a time when we feel energy returning.

Mercury stations to retrograde on the
22nd. The usual caveats apply: it’s not a great time to sign contracts, buy electronics, or get a new car. We’ll probably see our fair share of snafus in the worlds of technology and transportation, especially around the stations (March 22nd and April 15th).

On the
23rd, Venus, planet of love and relationship, squares Pluto. We’re likely to feel the need to assert ourselves, and may not be happy to the extent we feel constrained by (or controlled in) our relationships.

Venus goes on to meet Uranus on the
28th. Aspects between these two planets tend to favor a new approach to relationship, breaking out of old patterns, and trying something (or someone) new. With the Moon waxing and a strong Aries vibe, we might be ready to get moving, especially if we felt the tension when Venus squared Pluto. Expect that this will be a very active time, when we are ready to make decisive moves in relationship – Venus and Uranus will not meet again in Aries for another 77 years, so they will typify the energy of their meeting this time around.

The full moon on the
31st is in the sign of Libra, and we’re quite likely to ‘see’ the result of the past week at this time. Relationship changes are highlighted at the end of March – ending that took place earlier in the month may lead to new beginnings now.

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