Monthly Forecast for August 2016

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The planets aren't taking the month of August off, but they are stepping back a bit, and you might consider doing the same. Try to relax at least through the 18th, when we have a lunar eclipse... although we will feel the energy building in the weeks before the full moon. We're heading into a very busy season as summer (or winter, below the equator) winds down...


Venus is the star of the month in August. The planet we associate with love and relationship starts the month with an easy trine to Uranus on the
1st. This is a great time to try something (or someone) different in the sphere of romance. Break out of your regular patterns, and put the emphasis on fun. Sometimes, a good time is what matters most.

The new moon on August
2nd suggests the month may begin a bit slowly and not quite the boisterous time Venus and Uranus are looking for. Yet it’s time to recognize where are hearts are telling us to go, who we can be. Take a quiet moment to consider the extent to which you are living from your heart. Don’t expect answers right away, but sit with the questions.

Venus enters Virgo on the
5th, reminding us that there is serious work to be done. Venus in Virgo is more likely to order an organic quinoa salad than a juicy steak, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t enjoy ourselves. The message of the past year, with both Jupiter and the north node of the moon in Virgo, has been that less can be more. Venus’ trip through the sign of the virgin helps us to remember that message.

Illusions creep in around the
6th and 7th, as Mercury aspects Saturn and Neptune, while Venus squares Mars. In all areas of life, we may not be seeing things accurately, distorting minor details so that they look gigantic, or missing crucial data. Experience everything, believe nothing.

Saturn stations to move direct on the
13th. Saturn stations have a heavy quality, demanding that we work through them, although progress is often quite slow. Watch out for a summer chill around this time, if not in the weather then maybe in a cold that is going around. Relationships may take the brunt of this station, as Venus squares Saturn within hours of his standstill, then goes on to oppose Neptune. You may see the glass as half empty, and could despair of it ever being full again.

On the
15th, why not tune in for a free webinar on the cycles of the outer planets?! No astrological knowledge required!

With Venus trining Pluto on the
17th, you could decide it’s time to let go of a partnership (of any kind) or financial agreement that is no longer working for you. On the other hand, this could also represent an opportunity to go deeper in your relationships, or to build your financial portfolio.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the
18th is in the sign of Aquarius, and may represent a breath of fresh air after a relatively stifling week. Extend the energy into the weekend, and use it to connect with friends for what may be a kind of last hurrah of the summer. Just a few days later, on the 22nd, the sun enters Virgo, reminding us – even if subtly – that summer doesn’t last forever and autumn is on its way.

Mars meets Saturn and squares Neptune on the
24th through the 26th, a series of aspects that may amp up tensions in social and political arenas, as well as in our personal lives. The end-of-summer heat wave also features Saturn squaring an eclipse on September 1st. Although a meeting of Venus and Jupiter on August 27th potentially adds a bit of grace and optimism, we’re reminded that there are things to do, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to them.

Mercury stations to retrograde on the
30th, adding some mischief to the late-summer heat. Hopefully, we’re rested and ready for the challenges of September.

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