Monthly Forecast for September 2015

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The month begins with a meeting of Venus and Mars on the
1st in the sign of Leo. The meeting of the Goddess of Love with Mars often signals high passion, but with Venus retrograde until the 6th, this meeting may be more about reconsidering our relationships than starting something new or taking things to the next level. However, this could also be a possible time to add Mars’ spark to a situation and rekindle it.

Venus’ station to turn direct on the
6th concludes forty days of retrograding. Venus retrogrades are times when we reflect on our love lives, as well as our sense of aesthetics and values. During retrogrades we tend to go within, and although we may crave progress in Venusian areas of life, we often have difficulty externalizing our energy. As Venus stations, take some time to consider what it is you are seeking, and how you can go about getting it. Question your assumptions. Doubt your ideas about love and relationship, without doubting your capacity for them.

Two days later, on the
8th and 9th, we’ll certainly be feeling that it’s easier to externalize our energy. In fact, as Mars makes an easy trine to independent Uranus while Mercury squares Pluto, it may be difficult to contain ourselves. The need to follow our individual paths and seek our own goals is going to be quite high. Mercury/Pluto suggests speaking our truth to those in power, although power may speak back to us, too. There’s a kind of David and Goliath energy to these days, but keep in mind that David might not always win (and you could be Goliath in some situations). Also be aware that decisions made at this time may be subject to revision, no matter how much energy went into making them.

A solar eclipse on the
13th is going to be a powerful marker for changes taking place in the collective mindset, as we move further along in the process of evaluating what really is key to our success (or even survival) and what is extraneous. This eclipse is only visible in the far south of Africa and Antarctica.

Things may be less than clear around the
17th, when Jupiter opposes Neptune as Mercury stations to go retrograde. With expansive Jupiter in the detail-oriented sign of Virgo, we could see things through a distorted lens, making mountains of molehills and failing to see the forest for the trees. With Mercury stationing, we may also be operating on faulty data, and perhaps a few people will try to twist the facts to match up with their ideas. Yet the Jupiter/Neptune aspect can also open up our compassion, and social causes could get a boost with this energy. We may see issues about animal rights, conservation, our food supply, and health care. Purity and contamination could be watchwords for this time.

Also on the
17th, Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius. Although the Celestial Timekeeper was in the sign of the archer from December 2014 until June of this year, he backed out to spend the summer in Scorpio, cleaning up issues from his two-year stay. Many issues around finances and sexuality were prominent over the past few years – including massive income imbalances and the power of banks – and while these have not been resolved, they were brought to our attention. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we look towards our belief systems and see how they unite and polarize us. It’s going to be an interesting placement for the U.S. presidential election, and Sagittarian topics like immigration and higher education are also likely to be prominent.

Venus makes an easy trine to Uranus on the
22nd. This aspect encourages us to break out of our limitations in the area of relationship. Try something new with your partner, or try a new partner! With the Venus retrograde behind us, we’re likely to have a greater sense of what we’d like, and this is an opportunity to go get it.

The autumnal equinox is early on the
23rd. The sun and Saturn have both entered new signs and will say hello to each other with a sextile aspect later the same day. This is likely to be a time when we see the first round of Saturn-in-Sagittarius stories emerging, so keep your eyes open.

Retrograde Mercury squares Pluto on the
24th. Tensions from earlier in the month may be revisited now, although it could be after Mercury is moving direct and makes another aspect to Pluto on October 22nd that the ultimate resolution is made.

Another sign change occurs on the
24th, when Mars enters Virgo. In the sign of the virgin, the Cosmic Warrior may be a little out of sorts, yet he can help us to advocate for Virgoan issues like health and wellness. Don’t expect the struggles to be milder because of the Virgo tint: Pluto stations to move direct a day later, as Mars goes on to challenge the status quo by squaring Saturn. We’re likely to see some very heated debates and real challenges to entrenched beliefs, as Mars throws facts at our assumptions.

A lunar eclipse on the
27th is yet another powerful moment, one in which we see the impact that the last few weeks have had on us. With the moon in Aries and the sun in Libra, we’re also looking at relationships, and can perhaps get some perspective on how we changed during the recent Venus retrograde. Full moon eclipses aren’t really times for reflection, but they do illuminate things and get us to act. This total eclipse, beginning around 10:45 p.m. Eastern time, is visible in North America.

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