Monthly Forecast for August 2014

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The month begins with a series of meetings among Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on the
1st and 2nd. Expect that we’ll be expressing ourselves both verbally and with direct action around this time. Decisions made at the new moon on July 26 may be put into place as we approach the first quarter moon on the 3rd.

Around the
8th and 9th, we get once again get two opposing viewpoints simultaneously, as the sun and Mercury make nice trines to Uranus, then square Saturn. The first set of aspects encourages freedom, easy change, and openness, while the second demands accountability and responsibility.

With the full moon in Aquarius on the
10th, we’ll have to find a way to meet both expectations. Following your heart and acting from your core is what’s called for, as that way you can be yourself, stand tall among your peers, and stand up to authority figures.

Venus moves into Leo on the
12th, lightening the social mood a bit, especially when she meets up with Jupiter on the 18th. Mercury opposes Neptune on the same day, and our enthusiasm and playfulness could lead to a bit of bending the truth or creating melodrama. That’s fine as long as we realize what we are doing, but it could be problematic if we invest too much emotional energy in what turns out to be a game. We may be called to account for our words on the 21st, when Mercury trines Pluto.

As the month ends, the sun moves into Virgo on the
23rd. Virgo is the sign associated with the harvest, and represents a time when we assess what we have accomplished for the year. That would be a good focus for our meditations as we head into the new moon.

The new moon on the
25th is once again a time to consider relationship, although this time the moon is accompanied by an easy Venus/Uranus trine that helps us to express ourselves more freely and release expectations and assumptions that aren’t helping us to move forward. At the same time, a meeting of Mars and Saturn suggests that we focus our energies. With Venus squaring the two over the next few days, the decisions that seemed easy to make on the new moon may be challenging to implement as the month ends.

The last major aspect of August is a sun-Neptune opposition on the
29th. This aspect is great for helping us to back away when things become too intense, although if we try to take practical steps forward we may find that the ground beneath us is less firm than we expect. A long weekend might be just the thing to end the summer.

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