Monthly Forecast for January 2015

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The year gets started with a bang as a series of hot aspects go off like New Year’s noisemakers, beginning with an energetic opposition of Mars and Jupiter on the
1st. While this aspect can fuel passions and could make for some fun parties around the holiday, tempers could flare up and patience is likely to be in short supply. Just two days later, on the 3rd, the sun squares Uranus and meets Pluto, sparking up the Uranus-Pluto square that was exact in mid-December. It’s been an intense few weeks through the holiday season, and we may see the most obvious results around this time.

That’s especially true with the full moon on the
4th. In the security-oriented sign of Cancer, we may find ourselves second-guessing the very changes we demanded just a few days (or minutes) ago. Yet we can also see what is and isn’t working for us, and begin to blaze a trail towards a new and different kind of security. Clinging to old ways and tradition may feel good for a moment, until we realize why we began to seek out change in the first place.

In the midst of this charged cosmic energy, Venus and Mercury move into Aquarius on the
3rd and 4th. In this airy sign we should be able to get at least a bit of perspective on things, and perhaps temper emotional reactions with thought and reflection. Both planets will be busy through the next few weeks, acting as mediators in the ongoing struggles of the outer planets.

On the
13th and 14th, both Venus and Mercury will be in an easy sextile to Uranus, suggesting that we can create new patterns of relating and open up the lines of communication. Generally, sextiles are soft aspects that don’t have a lot of energy, but given the overall intensity of the cosmic weather in January, there’s bound to be plenty of motivation to make the most of these aspects.

For example, on the
15th Mars squares Saturn. Mars – now in Pisces – is ready to act and push the limits, while Saturn asks us to sit still and consider what our beliefs about the world are telling us. The internal tension between the go-and-stop energies could be hard to handle, although if we direct our actions with strong intention we can accomplish a great deal.

Venus, the goddess of love, opposes Jupiter on the
19th, the same day that warrior Mars meets up with Neptune. Venus and Jupiter get along well, even in an opposition, and we could expect a fun day where everyone is ready to share their abundance. The one caveat to Venus/Jupiter aspects is the potential for too much of a good thing, so watch out for overindulgence. With active Mars meeting beyond-the-limits Neptune, the temptation to take things too far could be strong. While a bit of caution is advised, this really could be a passionate day, especially for those in solid relationships.

Only the dark new moon feel runs counter to the upbeat tone of the third week in January. We wind down and inwards at the new moon, which is on the
20th, just after the sun enters Aquarius. Take some time to set intentions around where you want to be in the coming year. Like the solstice new moon in December, this lunation gives us a chance to make resolutions that will stick because they are acted upon. Take even small steps towards making your goals a reality around the new moon. A simple symbolic action could create resonance far into the future.

On the
21st, Mercury stations to go retrograde until February 11th. By now, almost everyone is familiar with the Cosmic Gremlin that is Mercury retrograde. It may be that communication and technology snafus are no more common during these periods, but they certainly seem more prominent. Computer glitches happen all the time, for instance, but during Mercury retrograde periods they often manifest in truly odd, eye-catching ways. Either way, it’s likely that our attention will be brought to Mercurial matters during the next few weeks.

Venus enters Pisces on January
27th. In the sign of the fish, Venus is more about universal, compassionate love (agape) than personal erotic love (Eros), more Mother Theresa than Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps that’s why St. Valentine’s Day (which is, after all a religious holiday, and a Catholic one at that) so often has Venus in Pisces, as it does this year.

As the month ends, Venus squares Saturn. Relationship issues may be at the forefront, and we could feel it is a decision time. While making a commitment or deciding to part amicably are two possibilities, the pressure that we feel to choose one path is less real than it feels. Indeed, do pay attention to whatever comes up in terms of partnership issues, and recognize that it is important. But if you need to take more time before acting, don’t feel that time is slipping away on you.

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