Monthly Forecast for March 2017

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The Sun and Mercury both meet up with Neptune, on the
1st and 3rd, respectively. Reality takes a holiday for the first few days of March, and each of us should consider doing the same. Activate your imagination, meditate, and escape into fantasy.

Perhaps the most dynamic aspect of the year - an opposition of Jupiter and Uranus - is exact on the
2nd. This aspect is associated primarily with changes in the collective, especially technological innovation and progressive social causes. Watch for news from companies like Tesla as well as scientific breakthroughs around this time. We may also see a progressive push-back against the rising conservative tide in Europe and America. Jupiter in Libra pushes for diplomacy, but Uranus in Aries is a more independent and even revolutionary force that has little patience to go through channels. As always, the give-and-take will play out on all sides of the issues. With Neptune so strong this week, information may be dramatic - but inaccurate.

On the
4th, Venus stations for her six-week retrograde, until April 15th. Venus retrogrades are times when we often feel an acute desire for relationship, and very often find possibilities exist. However, with the planet of love and relationship going backward in the sky, it may be a better time to get in touch with your partnership needs and review your patterns than to go forward.

Do old lovers come back during Venus retrogrades? Sometimes they do - my clients have experienced this phenomenon frequently. However, while sometimes this does signal the rekindling of a relationship, it is often the case that we re-visit old partnerships so that we can fully process them and so move on. Very often, we are reminded why someone became our ‘ex’ in the first place. Still, follow your heart - it knows what you need.

Another consideration for Venus retrograde is that things are often undervalued (Facebook stock launched on a Venus retrograde station - and initially tanked). It isn’t a good time to get things assessed, and investments should be made with caution. It is an opportunity to revisit artistic and entertainment pursuits from the past, so dust off your easel and put your old albums on the turntable (you still have a turntable, don’t you?).

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The collective mood changes around the full moon in Virgo on the
12th, which is accompanied by a Mercury/Saturn square and a Sun/Saturn square a few days later. This is a time when it may be better to put yourself in service rather than demanding to have things your way. It’s not a good time to ask for favors from those in authority, and try to avoid things like performance reviews or negotiating a salary, which may not accurately reflect your value (especially with Venus retrograde).

Things won’t ease up much as the month concludes. Mercury tangles with Pluto and Jupiter on the
23rd and 24th, then goes on to square Uranus at the new moon on the 27th. On a personal level, these aspects suggest increasing tension, followed by a release - like Popeye, “we can takes so much, and we can’t takes no more.” Discussions may be serious, and more may be implied than is explicitly stated. Once again, diplomacy and formality may fail. We may have some brilliant insights around this time, but a little fact-checking is probably in order - what sounds good may or may not match with facts and figures.

On the collective level, Mercury often acts as a trigger for slower-moving aspects, such as the Jupiter/Pluto square on the
30th. We may find that things are moving very fast around this time, and it could be difficult to know what is going on, who is ‘ahead’ in the race, and what the players’ intentions are. With the moon just beginning to wax, we have a bit of control, if we can maintain enough self-awareness to use it.

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