Monthly Forecast for October 2016

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On the collective level, October is likely to show very polarized political and social scenarios, with much competition for power (appropriate enough for an already tense election season). Personally, too, we’re challenged to discover who really has the power in our lives: at work, in our relationships, and otherwise. Inaction and passivity in the face of these challenges isn’t much of a virtue, yet wise and compassionate action may be difficult to manifest. Breathe deep.

Mars and Jupiter tangle on
October 5th, and aspect that can set duty (Mars in Capricorn) against formality and rules (Jupiter in Libra). How do we accomplish things? Do we go slowly through channels, filling out each form and schmoozing our way to the end, or do we recognize the need for swift, decisive action, rules and manners be damned? However you answer that question, you’re likely to encounter the other side of the story, from yourself as much as others.

In a sense, Mars and Jupiter may be setting the table for a similar but more intense conflict between the sun and Pluto on
October 7th. With this aspect, the stakes are higher as we wonder: who's actually in charge? The sun in Libra represents the rule of law and those who administer and adjudge it, while Pluto in Capricorn represents the power brokers who pull strings behind the scenes. It could be difficult to know who has the upper hand in the conflict, and results are likely to be varied and changeable. Carefully watch politics – office as well as national – during the first week in October. The conflicts are real, even if the motives are obscure.

When Mercury squares Mars on the
13th, we’re likely to get the next installment in the drama. Usually, Mercury/Mars aspects involve heated words, but with the Cosmic Messenger in polite Libra and the Celestial Warrior in structured Capricorn there could be some passive-aggression in the air. Listen carefully to the subtext of what folks are telling you, and challenge yourself to express your ideas and feelings as directly as possible.

Things finally come to a head over the next few days, as the sun opposes Uranus and Mercury squares Pluto at the full moon in Aries on the
16th. Overt or hidden, power plays are very prominent with this energy. What was held back (out of courtesy or as a strategy) is revealed. We have less patience for protocol, and feel the need to get moving. If you have an agenda, this is a good time push for it. If not, you may want to duck out of the way of those who are feeling more vigorous.

The full moon brings matters to light, but doesn’t necessarily complete the action. The drama continues through the
19th and 20th as Mars meets Pluto and Mercury opposes Uranus. Both verbal expression and action reach a peak. Patience is low, enthusiasm high, at this time.

Perhaps having had enough of Libra diplomacy, the sun enters Scorpio on the
22nd (joined by Mercury two days later), to consolidate power, and maybe take a more defensive stance. If we’ve been feeling threatened by the high-stakes activity, the end of the month could be a time of tactical retreat.

Sparks fly yet again at the end of the month, as Mars squares Uranus on the
29th, as Venus meets with Saturn just a day before the new moon in Scorpio. Mars/Uranus challenges us to keep our heads when tensions get high. Venus/Saturn usually has to do with decisions in relationship and finances, and with the new moon a day away, it could be a time of endings. These potentially explosive (or implosive) aspects end a very charged month.

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