Monthly Forecast for July 2016

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Summer starts off with the crackle of celestial fireworks, with Mars having just turned to move direct after ten weeks of retrograding. The watery Neptunian energy of June also begins to dry out as we begin summer, and we may finally feel that we have the green light to get moving in 2016. On the other hand, it is summer, and warm weather and the promise of taking some time to chill may have us telling the Cosmos, “Thanks for the opportunity, but we’ll talk about it in September.” And we will...

The hot astrological weather at the end of June sends us coasting into July. Mars is moving direct, although slowly, adding some fuel to our energetic gas tanks. Meanwhile, in the last half hour of June (Eastern Daylight Time), Venus opposed Pluto, signaling the possibility of power struggles in relationship and perhaps pointing to financial tensions. A compromise is possible on
July 1st, as the goddess of love goes on to make an easy aspect to Jupiter in Virgo. This aspect should help us to be practical – if not entirely upbeat – about our partnerships.

As festivities peak for the unofficial beginning of summer on
July 4th, we have a more subdued cosmic vibe, as the moon is new in the sign of Cancer. The Cancer new moon is always a good time to set intentions around home and family, prioritizing house projects and family relationships. This new moon also falls on the birthday of the United States, signaling – as all new moons do – both endings and beginnings. There’s a lot to say about this solar return, and of course it will play out in our dynamic (to say the least) presidential election.

The next few days give us time to gradually move forward. Perhaps as we come out of the new moon, we’ll join Mars for a jog (not a full run, yet). Venus and Mars make an easy trine, as do Mercury and Neptune. That should improve communication and add in some harmony in relationships, although we might tilt a bit towards tradition and staying with the tried-and-true, thanks to the protective nature of Cancer and Scorpio.

Don’t expect the harmony to last very long, however. The
7th has some of the roughest cosmic weather of the summer, as the sun and Mercury oppose Pluto while Venus squares Uranus. At work, socializing, or in our personal relationships, words could be strong and power struggles real. Give yourself and others some space around this time, if you can, and don’t force an outcome to a debate. We’re likely to be ill-disposed to stick to routine in our partnerships, but may have difficulty getting away from entrenched patterns – maybe you need a day off to spend time with your loved one(s), but a big project is due at work. Venus goes on to aspect Chiron after the battle is over, suggesting that even the most difficult experiences could have a healing effect.

Mercury is the star of the show over the next few days, aspecting Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Chiron before leaving the waters of Cancer to dry off in Leo on the
13th. Use the second week in July to communicate, bargain, and resolve issues. Broker agreements between opposing parties, and find common ground while respecting your own interests and perspective.

Venus also exchanges her Cancerian swimsuit for a Leonine summer dress, on the
12th. With Venus in Leo, we move from family picnics to summer concerts in the park, from lemonade at the barbecue to cocktails at a rooftop bar. Socializing becomes more outgoing and oriented towards having fun, and we are less concerned with tradition.

As the sun squares Uranus in Aries on the
16th, we may feel a conflict between following our individual will and sticking to tradition. Although a square aspect suggests a great deal of tension, the sun gets along well with Aries energy. This aspect calls to mind parents who are disappointed that their son or daughter is not going into the family business, but ultimately respect the child’s decision to follow his or her own path.

With Mercury and Venus both in Leo, we can make the most of the full moon in Capricorn on the
19th. Now, Capricorn isn’t exactly the most party-oriented moon, and with Venus making a trine to Saturn the next day, there may be a slightly work-oriented feel to this lunation. Full moons are times when things come to light, when past decisions reach manifestation. They aren’t usually too good for the sort of reflection and focus needed for work. It may be a better time to reaffirm commitment to a course, or perhaps to decide it’s time to go in another direction – even if it’s hard to know what that direction is.

We can all join the sun as he rejoices at his return to his home in Leo on the
22nd, having completed his yearly round of the other signs. With the sun in Leo, it is time to give free reign to creativity and fun. Yet the sun in Leo reminds us to be ourselves, to be who we are at the deepest level. Enjoyment is one aspect of life, and a healthy self-image is another, but ultimately we are intangible souls that are above and beyond anything with which we can identify – dynamic energy that surpasses any static definition of self. Take the sun’s time in Leo to get in touch with your inner vitality and love.

Things heat up again as the month ends. Patience is likely to be at a premium on the
29th, as Uranus stations to retrograde. Uranus stations are times when we all buck against constraints – from self or other. Clearly, with everyone out to go their own way at the same time, problems could arise as the collective Brownian motion increases. Once again, give yourself and others some space as July ends. That’s especially true as Mercury squares Mars as Uranus stations, and words are likely to be direct and somewhat barbed.

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