Monthly Forecast for September 2014

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The month begins easily enough, with a few flowing aspects during the first week as we build towards the full moon in Pisces on the
8th. As the Piscean energy peaks, we begin to experience extremes: we can be concerned or even obsessed with material concerns, and/or we can feel our connection to spirit more vibrantly. Pisces is the last sign of zodiac, and in it we contemplate what the ultimate is to each of us. What is that thing that is greater than you, that you would expand into and lose yourself in, if you could?

A day later, on the
9th, we may be ready with the answer, as Mercury squares Pluto. The Cosmic Messenger is in polite Libra, so we may choose to go through channels and maintain decorum as we speak our truth, but most likely we’ll find a way to get the message across. In the process of change something must be released for the new to come in, and this is the time to recognize, communicate, and act upon that challenging truth.

The Piscean energy will continue to color the next few days, especially as Venus opposes Neptune on the
10th. If a relationship issue emerged around the full moon, this aspect will keep our attention on it. Romance, creativity, and even finances can be in soft focus with this energy, and we could see more in a personal connection than is really there. Yet the flip side of this not-too-clear configuration is the ability to take a chance to make your dreams come true. Don’t look at the balance sheet if your heart already knows what it wants.

Mercury opposes Uranus on the
13th, opening up the lines of communication. Brilliant insights fly through the ether when these two planets align. As we’re looking at an opposition, we may do our best thinking when we can bounce our ideas off of each other, so talk out your ideas with someone, and don’t forget to listen, too.

A trine between Venus and Pluto on the
14th may offer opportunities to ground whatever relationship activity transpired during the past week. It could be an opportunity to go deeper into a partnership, yet this energy will also make it easier to let go, if that is what is needed.

Things get more serious around the fall equinox on the
22nd. The equinox initiates autumn, as the sun enters Libra, the sign of balance. At this point in the year, the days and nights are of about equal length. Yet balance is unlikely to be the theme, as Pluto stations to move direct just hours from the equinox. Pluto stations are intense, like the quiet before. The equinox is also right before the new moon, a time of inward intensity. This is unlikely to be a quiet time, although implosions are perhaps more likely than explosions. Power struggles deepen and many people will entrench themselves in emotional (and perhaps physical) bunkers. A certain amount of emotional self-protection is not an entirely bad idea, if not taken to extremes. Watch the news to see how this potent energy plays out in the world.

On September
27th, Mercury enters Scorpio and goes on to cross the degree of the upcoming solar eclipse—keep your eyes open as something begins that will become prominent very soon.

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