Natal Chart Consultation and Current Transits: We are all here for some purpose. The natal chart is a key to understanding the lessons we have to learn, the challenges we have to face, and the gifts we have to give in this lifetime. While many people know that astrology helps us to understand what is happening or may happen in the future, it can be of greatest value when we use it to understand why things happen as they do.

With this consultation, we’ll look at what’s happening in your life now, and use your natal chart to determine the best directions to take to solve problems in light of your life patterns, working from the principle that
the best way to predict the future is to have an active role in creating it. I’ll focus on your major concerns, whether they are relationships, career, unblocking creativity, or finding a spiritual direction. From solving a particular problem to just feeling better about yourself and your life, an astrological reading is a great way to get a fresh perspective!

The consultation is your time, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore what’s of interest to you. Consultations are usually about an hour and half in length. $155.

Transit Consultation: This is a follow-up available within a year of a full natal chart consultation. We’ll cover your current transits, forecasting for the next six to twelve months. $95 ($75 for returning clients)

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Selecting a Date for an Event (Election): Sometimes, we need to know if it’s a good time to do something. Astrology can help you pick your wedding day, opening day for a business, or the best time to ask for a raise (or when not to go on a job interview!). $80.

Half-Hour Introductory Reading: This option is available for those who want to take a “test run” before committing to a full reading. It’s a way to see what a reading with me will be like. We’ll cover a few basic themes in the natal chart and highlight a significant current transit. $50.

Astrolocality Consultation: Wondering how you would do in Hawaii? Thinking of packing up to Akron? An astrolocality consultation will help you make the decisions about where to move. If you’re considering one or two places, the fee is $45 for each, but if you’re open for ideas, I’ll scout out a list of places for you for $105. Email me for specifics.

Asteroid Module: This is usually done as an addition to a full consultation. There are over 12,000 asteroids which have names ranging from the mythological (Vesta and Juno) to pop culture (Mr. Spock). The interaction of these asteroids with your natal chart can demonstrate some remarkable synchronicities, especially by transit. Click Here for more about asteroids.

Gift Certificates are available for most services. Email me for more information.